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You will not find a harder working or more honest trucking company in California than G & J Heavy Haul, Inc.

F.B.Archer Jr. (Red) and his wife, Carolyn has four children, two boys and two girls, and a trucking company. The Boys Gordie & Jeff grew up in the family business, learning to drive, repair, and spray water from water trucks. They got their commercial driver’s licenses at the age of 16. Red Archer Equipment Rental, Inc. lived in Mt View, California. In 1977, Gordie took a water truck and began to work in the Geysers Geothermal fields between Lake and Mendocino Counties. He loved the challenge and the beauty of the location. So, in 1978, Gordie married Janice, and they moved to Lake County. He became known for his hard work and youthful enthusiasm. The oil companies needed more water trucks, so Jeff married Shellie, and they moved to Lake County to work also. The next year, “Red” and Carolyn packed up their life and moved to Lake County. Their daughters followed also.


The company changed over the years, from water trucking, to vacuum tankers, to hazardous waste removal, to dirt and rock trailers, always keeping the hard work ethic, honesty, and enthusiasm. In 1990, Red decided to “retire” and sold the business to Gordie & Jeff. They moved to Ukiah with their families and became Archer Trucking, Inc. Gordie’s kids are Jesse and Mindy, and Jeff’s kids are Julie and Laura. Jesse began to drive and repair trucks when he was ten years old (in the shop). Julie, Mindy, and Laura all worked for the family business while growing up doing various jobs. And, of course, Red worked for his sons, off and on, during his “retirement.”

As the economy changed, the work became more diverse and all over the state. Gordie was traveling to southern California weekly. The kids were grown, so He and Janice decided to move south. There were some great job opportunities in Glendora, removing sediment from reservoirs, and moving dirt to build the 210 freeway were our first big jobs. Gordie & Jeff split the company in two. Jeff and Shellie kept the highway trucks in Ukiah, and Gordie and Janice moved south with the off-highway dirt trucks. G & J Heavy Haul, Inc. was born on May 1, 2005.

Gordie & Janice currently run the operation from their home office, and Jesse is the Shop Manager and Diesel mechanic. He married Jenny and brought her into our company. They have a house in Northern Ca, and she is working as our dispatcher. Mindy has worked for us off and on as an office worker, a landfill person, and a compactor operator. Many others have contributed to our success, and we thank them wholeheartedly. We are proud of our family business, and for the many years, it has grown us and supported us.

G & J Heavy Haul, Inc. is your #1 choice for all your hauling needs. call us today.